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FRP Internship

The team at Foundation Risk Partners is proud of the new group of insurance interns selected this summer who are working hard to learn the ropes of various aspects of insurance. Here is a little insight from some students.

“I enjoy the process of building valuation models and understanding how to finance partnerships,” said Daniel Hoppen, a recent Finance and Law graduate from the University of Miami. “Determining which companies have a good culture and goals that align with the FRP vision is an important process as well.” Daniel will be returning to UM in the fall to obtain his Masters in Finance. He is balancing his third summer internship at FRP with a bit of golf and offshore fishing.

“I first heard about Foundation Risk Partners through a mutual connection who told me how passionate the people are at FRP about their work and seeing young people succeed,” said Katie Peel, a Finance senior from Ohio State. “I’m working with Chris Scavuzzo, FRP’s VP of Commercial Accounts, but everybody at the Daytona office is more than willing to mentor and guide me.” Katie added that Mergers & Acquisitions and Public Entities interest her most, as does hanging out with fellow interns, hiking and listening to live music.

Stacy Beckton, Jr. became aware of FRP through a relationship with Halifax Hospital where his Aunt works. “I have been leaning towards the sales side of the insurance business,” said Stacy, an African American Studies senior at American University. “I’ve had great conversations with others in the office who have pointed out that there are not enough people of color throughout the insurance industry,” added Stacy, who appears to be motivated in contributing to that change. When Stacy returns to D.C. next month to resume his studies, he’ll be equally busy training in preparation for his return position as Guard for the Eagles Men’s Basketball Team.

All nine FRP college interns come with diverse backgrounds and from a wide range of academic concentrations in business, finance, economics, law and other disciplines. The students will continue their internship through the end of July. Once again, congratulations on being part of the FRP Team!